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Please fix your app

App is not working please fix When I put in payment information after selecting seats it tells me “something went wrong please try again” but the payment still goes thru? I was going to try again but I noticed that the payment did get taken out of my account. I did advise a manger at the Midland Cinergy and they advise they could contact their IT Support. I recently bought tickets again and did the same thing. Can you please fix this issue? Thank you!

Bad for people who use voiceover

When somebody who is blind use this app, it’s not very accessible. You can’t view showtimes, or select different dates to view them. You guys seriously need test this app with voice over before you just put it out in the App Store.


The app works great but what I want to know is when tickets will be available for Star Wars: The Last Jedi for December 15th. They’re available on Dec. 14th and have been for awhile. I’ve been waiting awhile now for tickets to be available for purchase on Dec. 15th. When will that be done? I can go somewhere else (to a competing cinema) and purchase them right now if I want to but would like to see it at Cinergy. Let’s get a move on it.


The current version is over six months old and was still outdated then. It lacks basic features like touch ID and no Apple Pay. You want me to put my credit card details in your app... Yeah that's funny 😂


Please fix this app!!! When I try to use the app I can only see 1 movie!!

Doesn't work

App freezes and is basically useless. Signed up, got the dreaded "please wait", I let it wait for 15 minutes, nothing. Closed the app, reopened it, stuck at red Cinergy screen, just frozen. Also irritating that you can't buy Cinergy tickets on Fandango.

Working again!! iOS 9

Finally... Don't know what happened to the app for a while there, but let's hope this time they provide the support this app deserves from here on out.

Please wait of death

It worked great the first time I used it but after that all I get is a please wait of death icon. Why did you leave Flixster at least I was able to see what was playing 50% of the time.

Please wait....

...........for a positive review. Thumbs down!

App doesn't work

Why doesn't this app work? It just sits there. Useless piece of app

Still not working!

Fix it please!


App worked good once. But now it just does nothing on a start-up screen

Movie App

Well I was getting furious with the last update since it would not work. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and now it works great.

It doesn't work!

It doesn't work! I have downloaded the app several times and its just a bad app! Once the app works it should be awesome! But all it says is Please Wait!


This app is completely worthless. When first down loaded it, it worked great. Now nothing. Just keeps saying " please wait". Please fix it

Bad App

This app did work but now it never does. Too bad


This app does not do anything. Just keeps spinning and saying please wait. Needless to say I deleted it after five minutes.

Fun Card Issue

Everything else has worked for me except the fun card function. I also get the please wait and it won't do anything after that I have close the program.


Like all the rest say...this app was fantastic in the beginning, I have also began using the other theatre in town due to this app not working hopefully Cinergy will fix this problem soon. If I could I would only rate this app with a no star.


Only DL if you only want to use the app once... Then continually says please wait.

I've waited long enough!

This app was good, and now all it says is "Please Wait"... Cant reserve tickets, cant see whats in theaters, NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH.... NADA! I guess Regal Cenemas are going to get my money until this is fixed!


The app was absolutely wonderful in the beginning but for the last few months now it won't do a thing. Just like everyone else says all you get is the "please wait". It is definitely your app Cinergy so why not pay attention to your reviews & fix it cause I for one have started using the other theater in town because of the convenience with the app that they have that works without fault every single time.

Doesn't work


Just sits there and spins

When the app is launched it just sits there and spins "Please Wait" while it locates a theater nearby. Yes, I do have the location services turned on. Using the web site for a mobile browser works right away. Make sure the app works before you launch it!! Try again.

Does NOT work anymore

This app worked when I first got it and now it hasn't worked in a few months. It should have been taken care of by now you would think. Finally decided to delete it. Very disappointed!


Doesn't work at all

Doesn't work😡

Won't load

Please wait!

I downloaded the app and was able to create an account & successfully sign in. I bought some tickets, received confirmation, and was feeling good about the app. When I attempted to check my fun card balance it went into "please wait" death mode. I am running the latest version of iOS as most of the other reviewers, but not sure if it has anything to do with this issue. Thanks!


Please FIX IT does not work after the update I used to like this app

Does not work!!!

Came to write a review on how your app is not working but seems everyone already beat me to the punch. So everyone is having problems, you know and haven't fixed it. Very poor customer service..

Terrible Performance

As a certified quality professional, I can attest to the fact that this app is of very poor quality and it should be removed until the bugs are worked out. Kenneth Thomas, Ph.D.

Should be a negative

The app doesn't even load, it's just taking up room. You're better off not downloading this at all.

Won't open

I used to love this app but I can't get it to open anymore ;-( please fix soon! Cinergy is awesome and the app used to be.

App will not open.

It worked before the iOS update. Stuck at the opening screen. Disappointing...


Was a good app, won't open anymore

Update broke the app

Used the old version for a few months. It worked ok. Installed the recent update and now all I get is the red start screen. It just locks up and stays there

Fix this app!!!

When I try to purchase tickets for a 7:00 show around 5:00 all that shows up are the showtimes for 9:00 and 10:00. When I check the app around 10:00 it jumps to tomorrow's date!


It works good on my end but does not allow you to sync with Facebook. It just says not signed in. When you click on that tab it does nothing.

Does not work

Do not use this app to buy tickets. It will change the date of movie without you knowing it. Cinergy did refund my money but until this is fixed I won't ever use the app again.

Can't buy tickets >:(

I can get all the way to buying tickets and then When I get to choosing my seats, the seats don't pop up. Please fix or the app is useless.

Unable to Search

I wasn't even able to search for a local theater. Kept getting error messages.

Doesn't work

App won't let me register.

One suggestion

I haven't actually used the app, but so long as I can reserve my tkts I'll be happy. However, the one thing I am missing from this app is the ability to order food and have it ready when I get there! Make this happen, people.

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